Hallo, Mates!

A few words about Yuwie Social Network

- Yuwie Social Network, is like any other 'connect with friends' website, but unique part is that YOU GET PAID when anyone views any part of your page, your profile, your pictures, your blog, your layout, even when you update your own profile. also get paid a percent of the revenue generated by friends you refer to Yuwie! On Yuwie you can meet new friends, or invite yours, chat, post your blogs, upload pictures and get aid for it all! On Yuwie people are very active, is easy to communicate and make friends. I found Yuwie community very vibrant and lovely !

How Yuwie can afford to pay us?

Simple answer - because there are ads on the all pages like Google Adsense, AdBrite etc. Yuwie gets huge profit from these adverts networks for showing their ads to fast growing Yuwie community. And Yuwie decided to share their profit with their members, who, actually is the 'backbone'. To help site grow fast and help members earn more Yuwie offers referal system 10 levels deep! And you get share of money from all 10 levels of your own downline!

Why Yuwie do pay us?

Again - The answer is very simple - to Attract as much members as possible! More people on Yuwie, more money they make through Ad Networks. The more money Yuwie makes, the more money members potentially can make. Also, the better your page is, the better it can get indexed with Google, MSN, Yahoo etc., driving non - Yuwie traffic to your page which means, the more relevant your blogs are to someone else, the more page-views you can achieve.

Friends and Downline

Through 10 levels - your downline should grow big! After a few months or a year we can easy collect good amount of earnings if we call in all our friends and stay active on Yuwie....Just for having fun in spare time. You even can promote your business on Yuwie by posting blogs about your activity in your profile.

Simply invite your friends to chat and have fun, just one thing to remember - don't expect to earn hundreds of dollars the first month. First, try to make your profle attractive to others, upload pictures (not nessesarily pictures with you. Just any nice picture you want to share and have the right for doing it), invite friends to join Yuwie as your refferals, using 'invite' form in your account area, making new friends on site is good too. Also good to remember - each month you will earn more and more, as your friends list in your downline will grow bigger and bigger.

Yuwie proved that site is PAYING social network. Payout proofs are posted all around internet nowadays. It is good idea to take action immediately and keep on building downlines on till it is new. Believe, it will grow BIG! Be sure to get there in time to build downline!

Hope to see You on Yuwie! ;) Please click the banner to join!
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Lets take a closer look how everything works:

Lets talk more clearly how we get paid.
Yuwie counts every pageview we do, also everytime someone see our profile we get pageview, also when our referals surf we get credits. whole month we are collecting pageviews And lets say we collected 10000 pageviews during month and at the start of new month our credits stored, and about 15 day of next month Yuwie counts how much they got from advertisers for previous months and how much they will share with us. That thing is called RSR (Revenue Sharing Rate). Lets say for december month RSR was $0.50 per 1000 pageviews.We get 10% of RSR and the rest 90% goes to our referrers (but we get same from referals all 10 levels deep!) so we get 5 cents for 1000 pageviews and, as we collected 10.000 pageviews we get 50 cents.
Here you can see what percent goes to each level:


But hold on... 10.000 pageviews we get by easy surfing alone, but if we refer Yuwie to our friends?
Look at that table:
This sample based on if we call 3 friends and each of them call 3 friends and so on till 10 level. If every referal surf just a 1000 pages a month and RSR is $0.50 for 1000 pageviews


Not bad? Huh? Around $10.000 a month!
Worth of trying. It's free to join anyway, and fun!

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